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White Fox Peppered Mint (Green) Nicotine Pouches

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White Fox Peppered Mint offers a unique taste from an odd yet surprisingly fantastic combination of pepper and spearmint. It provides a warming and cooling sensation under the lip, synergising well with the stimulating nicotine effect. The strength level is 16 mg/g, which is extra-strong. As a result, this is a product best for experienced users rather than newbies. 

The portions are slim and soft under the lip, enabling a comfortable, discreet fit that is unnoticeable to others. Since White Fox is 100% tobacco-free, you do not need to worry about teeth discolouration or bad breath before, during or after use. The nicotine and flavour release is rapid and long-lasting, thanks to the fleece-like material surrounding the contents and optimised salt, pH and moisture levels. 

** This Product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance.**